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Below are the previous updates to this site in reverse chronological order
May 14th - 80+ new Wales added, mostly Clwyd with new pages added for Holywell and Flint
May 13th - about 80 new Yorks added - mostly within a 20 miles radius of Bradford, but a few
              Filey also
May 11th - a new page for the Hope Valley area of Derbyshire added - all nice RPs
Apr 10th - about 30 new Tyne & Wear added
Apr 9th  - Sussex - I realised I didn't have any Battle cards on - new page of Battle added
Mar 31st - 30 new Lincs added - all with 0317 after the code
Mar 27th - 60 new Merseyside added - all with 0317 after the code
Mar 21st - 60 new Notts added - all with 0317 after the code
Mar 19th - some more Wales and Devon added (various places)
Mar 11th - about 70 new London added - all over but new pages for Brockwell Park and  
             Ealing    added
Mar 7th - nearly 60 new South Yorks added, all with 0317 after the code, including a 3rd page of
          Sheffield   and a new page for Rotherham
Mar 4th - about 35 new Cheshire added including some nice Romiley
Feb 27th - large update to East Yorks with 120+ new cards added, each with 0217 after the code
Feb 20th - another 30+ Manchester added
Feb 17th - My apologies - we haven't updated Oxfordshire for over two years, now corrected with
           65 new   cards added, all will have 0217 after the code
Feb 11th - all my current stock of Wimbushes are now on Delcampe under my userid of Surfinia2
                - about 300 of my Valentines art are also
               - some new Lancs added including Altha, Bacup, Brierfield, Burnley, Bury, Darwen, Lancaster, Nelson
                 Skippool, St Annes, Trawden, Waterfoot and Blackpool - all appended by 0217
               - some more Avon added
Jan 14th - Over 60 new Torquay area added, appended by 0117
Dec 24th - 80 new Hertfordshire added, all appended by 1216
Dec 5th - 80 new Dorset added
              - 30+ new Ayrshire added
              - 25 new Argyll added
              - 12 new Renfrew added
Nov 30th - 82 new Dorset added
Nov 29th - about 30 new Durham added
               - about 30 new Berks added
               - half a dozen new Middlesbrough added
               - about 80 new Dorset coming next
Nov 15th - about 25 new Cambs added resulting in new pages for St Neots and Brampton
Oct 23rd - about 30 new Lincolnshire added
Oct 22nd - 22 new Staffordshire added including some shop fronts at Stoke
Oct 20th - another 60 Somerset added - all new cards with the code appended by 1016
               - the Maisie Peck maps list is now updated with the ones we have in blue
Oct 14th - 35 new Suffolk added
               - 20 new Somerset added (more to come)
Oct 12th - 20 or so new Surrey added
               - 52 new Shropshire added
               - currently working on Suffolk
Oct 11th - about 150 new Wales added - particularly South Wales
              - about 60 new Ireland added
              - some new Northants added
              - currently working on Surrey and Shropshire
Sep 27th - about 200 new Lancs added - mostly Southport, Lytham, St Annes, Morecambe and
               - The Judges list is now largely defunct and will be removed
               -  having sold over 80 Valentines Art cards, that list is now in need of update
Sep 16th - 2 new pages of Brighton added
                - about 50 new West Midlands added including a 2nd page of Birmingham
Aug 31st - about 200 new Scotland added including some for all the previously missing counties
                  Clackmannan, Kincardine, Kinross and Selkirk. More to come.
Aug 13th - 30 new IOM added
July 31st - about 50 canal cards added (mostly 1960s/70s)
               - large update to Cornwall started with 90+ cards added so far
July 28th - 25 new Northants added
July 21st - over 60 new Northumberland added
July 13th - Some more Northern Ireland added (Down & Antrim)
              -  About 30 new Bucks added
July 11th - 35 new Devon added
July 10th - About 100 Youth Hostels, Holiday Camps and Caravan Sites added
               - all my miscellaneous art cards (350)  (non-Salmon, Valentines, Tucks) have been added
                 to Delcampe under the County, under my user id surfinia2
               - Cornwall finally updated to larger images (last county to be done) and about 60 new
July 8th - about 80 new Wales added, mostly Gwynedd but some Glamorgan + few Rhyl
             - I have begun adding what I call topographic subject cards starting with over 100 hotels.
              These  are mostly Torquay, Eastbourne and Dorset at present, and are generally
July 2nd - we spent much of June attending to a family bereavement, but the following have been
               - Valentines Art list updated
               - an ongoing update of London started
May 27th - about 100 'oddments' added including a dozen Whitley Bay
               - all my Salmon art cards are now on Delcampe. As only A R Quinton have their own
                category all others are under their counties, but if you search for SALMON ART under
                my userid  of   Surfinia2 - you will find them
May 6th - about 20 new Port Sunlight and New Brighton added
May 5th - All Corke and Quatremain Salmon cards are now on their own (Illustrated) pages
Apr 15th - 70 new Tyne & Wear added
Apr 13th - 25 new Lancs added - all Nelson & Preston
               - Wimbush list updated
Apr 10th - 140 new Surrey added, Tyne & Wear coming soon
Mar 31st - about 70 new Ireland (North & South) added
               - over 100 new Wales added
               - many new Surrey coming next
Mar 4th - Yorks update complete with over 400 new cards added. There are now 103 pages of
                Yorkshire (in alphabetic order) 
Feb 4th - Norfolk update complete with nearly 300 new cards added. 100's of new Yorkshire
               coming next.
Jan 21st - Currently working on a major update to Norfolk
Dec 16th - 40 new Leicestershire added
Dec 13th - Manchester update complete with c200 new cards added
Nov 18th - start of a major overhaul to Manchester with 70 new cards added to the letter H. All the
               inner  Manchester cards are now in alphabetic order (as Manchester is a conglomeration
               of towns,  any card with a Town name is on the Manchester pages under the Town
               name, all the rest  are on the Inner Manchester pages)
Nov 13th - about 30 new Cheshire added
Nov 5th - Over 140 new Derbyshire added
Oct 22nd - 70 new Avon added
Oct 13th - 68 new Channel Islands added
Oct 10th - over 90 new Hampshire added, all suffixed by 1015. Some Portsmouth and Southsea
                   previously on have had their prices reduced
Oct 3rd - 60+ new Worcestershire added, all suffixed by 1015
Sept 30th - 50+ new Herefordshire added
Sept 27th - about 50+ new Gloucestershire added
Sep 25th - Sussex now completely updated with over 550 cards added since June. The pages are
                   3 main pages, with links to sub-pages for:
                   Alfriston, Arundel, Beachy Head, Bexhill, Bognor Regis, Bramber, Brighton (2)
                   Chichester, Eastbourne (2), Felpham, Hastings (3), Henfield, Hollington, Horsham,
                    Hove, Lewes, Littlehampton, Midhurst, Newhaven, Pagham, Pevensey, Rottingdean,
                    Rye,  Saltdean, Seaford, Selsey, Shoreham, St Leonards, Steyning, Storrington
                   Winchelsea & Worthing (2)
Aug 31st - over 30 new Staffordshire added
               - a new page of Blackpool comics added 
Jan 11th - Lancashire updated with all larger images. About 100 new cards added including many
                Preston and St Annes
Jan 4th - Dyfed - 90 new cards added
             - I am going to re-sort the Lancs pages as A-Z. I originally set out to group cards into
               areas but  there are always places that are arguable whether they're in or out - e.g.
               Rossendale.  This will  take a while and some of the links may not work while I'm doing
                it, but I will try   to keep   disruption to a minimum.
Jan 3rd - Yorkshire now updated - all large pictures and about 100 new cards added
                - only Cornwall, Cumbria & Lancs still have small pictures
               - the listing of Tuck Oilettes by Wimbush is now (almost) a complete checklist
               - the Judges list is now up to date with 100+ new cards added   
Dec 28th - I am currently working on a major overhaul of Yorkshire which will take me days 
Dec 26th - Sussex now all larger pictures 
Dec 24th - Derbyshire are now all large pictures
Dec 22nd - Oxfordshire now all larger pictures, about 40 new cards added - mostly Oxford City
Dec 18th - Cheshire and Wilts now all larger images. The only counties with smaller images are:
                  Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Oxon, Sussex + Lancs & Yorks
Dec 12th - Worcestershire updated - 50 new cards added
Dec 11th - Durham updated to all large pictures, about 50 new cards added
Dec 9th - new page of unknown added (Page 6 at the bottom of the Unlocated page) 
Dec 7th - about 90 new Isle of Wight added
Dec 5th - over 30 new Devon added - mostly Torquay and Lynmouth
Dec 4th - Over 80 new Glamorgan added
Nov 28th - All Warwickshire and Northumberland are now larger images
Nov 25th - about 70 new Gwent cards added
                - about 20 new Bedfordshire added 
Nov 23rd - about 50 new Yorks added
               - Surrey are now all larger images
Nov 20th - major update to Clwyd with 196 new cards added 
Nov 16th - 40 new Nottinghamshire added
Nov 14th - the Colourmaster maps now have images
               - about 40 new Yorks added, of note are 4 nice Honley (Yorkshire H)
Nov 13th - about 30 more new Suffolk added
               - the Maisie Peck map cards are now illustrated
Nov 11th - Berks is now all larger images
Nov 9th - major update to Anglesey with over 100 cards added - two thirds old and a third 1960s-
              - all Hampshire cards are now large sized
Nov 7th - IOW and West Midlands are now all larger pictures
Nov 5th -  Suffolk revamped - about 30 new cards added
Nov 3rd - Hertfordshire updated. About 30 new cards added
Nov 2nd - about 70 new Bournemouth, Boscombe and Southbourne added
Oct 30th - East Yorks updated - 30+ cards added
               - about 60 new Gloucestershire added.
Oct 26th - Cambridgeshire revamped, 25 new cards added
                 80 new Cumbria added
                 The response to the question below has been very positive - but it will take time. Watch
                        this  space
Oct 15th - Manchester given major overhaul with 100+ new cards added
Oct 13th - Essex overhauled and 100+ new cards added
              - as an experiment I have added 6 pages of modern Scarborough with publisher/code